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Lab Director

Dr. Scott is an Assistant Professor in the Psychology Department at the University of Texas at San Antonio and the director of the PRIDE Family Studies Lab. She earned her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the University of Denver in 2016. Before her current position, she served as the LGBT Veteran Care Coordinator and Women’s Mental Health Psychologist at the Denver VA. To date, her research has advanced the field’s understanding of communication processes, sexual satisfaction, and minority stress in female same-gender couples.  Dr. Scott also has extensive clinical experience working with same-gender couples and couples with transgender partners.



Project Director, Female Same-Gender Couples Project

Quyen Do is an international Ph.D. student in Psychology at the University of Texas at San Antonio and is the project director of the Female Same-Gender Couples Project. Quyen earned her B.A. in Psychology and M.Ed. in Counselor Education at the University of Texas at Austin. Her research interests are in psychological trauma and interpersonal violence examined within an intersectionality framework. Quyen is furthering her research skills conducting both quantitative and qualitative research projects involving intimate partner violence among sexual minority partners, race-based stress and health disparities among Asian Americans, the impact of trauma on educational outcomes in foster care alumni, and the recovery of human trafficking survivors.

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Project Director, Transgender Couples Project

Lex Pulice-Farrow is a transmasculine doctoral student at the University of Tennessee Knoxville and presently serves as Project Manager for the Transgender Couples Project. Pulice-Farrow earned their Master's at Towson University, where their Master's work focused on the microaggressions and microaffirmations that trans folks receive in their romantic relationships. They have extensive research experience working with trans communities, and are an expert in qualitative research. Presently, Pulice-Farrow's work focuses on experiences of gender dysphoria as well as experiences of trans joy - including romantic relationships, feelings of well-being, and connection to community.

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Co-Investigator, Transgender Couples Project

Dr. Kimberly F. Balsam is a Professor in the Psychology Department at Palo Alto University, where she also serves as the Director of the Center for LGBTQ Evidence-Based Applied Research (CLEAR).  Dr. Balsam is a Co-Investigator on the Transgender Couples Project.  Dr. Balsam has been conducting research on the health and well-being of LGBTQ+ populations since the 1990s, with an emphasis on couples and families, minority stress and trauma, cultural competence in therapy, and developing assessment measures for LGBTQ+-specific constructs.You can learn more about Dr. Balsam here.



Graduate Research Assistant | Media Manager

Bryanna Garibay is a first-year master's student at The University of Texas at San Antonio. She earned her B.A. in Psychology at UTSA. Her research interests include minority stress, LGBTQ+ studies, and social media.



Graduate Research Assistant

Kaitlin Brunett is a Ph.D. student in Psychology at the University of Texas at San Antonio. Kaitlin earned her B.S. in Psychology from Abilene Christian University and her M.A. in Psychological Research from Texas State University. Her research interests include inundate relationships with a focus in intimate partner violence and health behaviors.



Graduate Research Assisntant

Kwame Gatlin is a first-year masters student at the University of Texas at San Antonio. He earned his B.S. in Psychology and his B.A. in History at the University of Central Florida. His research interest includes Black American cultural identity and sexual minority studies.



Graduate Research Assistant

Eliciana is a non-binary graduate student seeking an M.S. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at the University of Texas at San Antonio. He has earned a BA in Psychology from UTSA. Eliciana’s research interests including LGBTQ+ family structures, with a special passion for helping the current mental health crisis experienced by transgender individuals.



Research Assistant

Yobana is a fourth-year undergraduate student in the Psychology program at the University of Texas at San Antonio. She joined the PRIDE Lab in the Spring of 2022. Her research interests include academic motivation, identity, and cultural stress within racial minority populations. When not attending lab work or classes, Yobana enjoys listening to music, painting, and catching up on the latest shows. She hopes to further her education by earning an advanced degree in Industrial Organizational Psychology.

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Research Assistant

Zenetta is a second year undergraduate student at the University of Texas at San Antonio. She is currently majoring in Psychology with a minor in Neuroscience, in hopes of one day obtaining a PhD in Clinical Psychology. Her research interests include childhood neglect on identity and plasticity, and the neurological markers/behavioral discrepancies of maltreatment. Outside coursework, Zenetta serves on the Executive Board for the Mental Health Team and as the Director of Mentorship for the Terry Scholar Student Organization. In her free time, she loves painting, reading, and caring for her

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