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 Thank you to all of our participants who have participated in our studies. We recognize you are trusting us with your stories and we are committed to honoring them. We could not do any of this work without you.

--Dr. Scott

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Purpose: This quantitative project seeks to understand the unique experience of sexual minority individuals who are currently in a consensual non-monogamous relationship*. Participants will be asked to complete a online survey that asks about their experiences with select intimate partners and their mental health outcomes. Study goal is to inform the culturally appropriate guidelines for future research and clinical care for this population.

  • *Consensual non-monogamy (n). A broad term that describes an agreed-upon, sexually non-exclusive relationship, which includes but does not limit to polyamory, swinging, and various other forms of ethically open relationships. (American Psychological Association) 

Status: Data collection is completed! We plan to publish papers from this project in the future.


Purpose: This qualitative project seeks to understand the experience of trans*/nonbinary individuals who have gone through part/all of their gender transitions while in romantic relationships. Participants completed 1-hour interview sessions to share the challenges and benefits of this experience. The goal of this study is to inform clinical guidelines for working with trans* individuals and their partners.

Status: We are finished with our recruitment goals and analyzing the data! We have published one paper with the Behavior Therapist on positive experiences of transgender/nonbinary people during gender transitions. 

Photo Credit: The Gender Spectrum Collection

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Purpose: This study will follow trans*/nonbinary individuals and their romantic partners across two time points during one year. The purpose of this project is to identify risk and protective factors associated with relationship quality and mental health outcomes in these relationships. The goal of the study is to inform relationship interventions for trans* individuals and their relationships by making these interventions more affirming and inclusive. This project is in collaboration with co-investigator, Dr. Kimberly Balsam, and will be funded by the American Psychological Foundation's Visionary Grant, awarded to Dr. Scott.

Status: Data collection and analysis are completed! We are writing up several papers for publication in the near future.


This study followed over 100 female same-gender and queer couples over the course of seven years. Results from this study have contributed to understanding communication processes, sexual satisfaction, minority stress, and longitudinal predictors of relationship dissolution in this population. 

Status: Data collection is completed! We have published several papers from this project and have one more under review.

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